FayaPay is a payment gateway that aims to be easy to use, and this goal defines every design decision we make.

We've gone to great lengths to ensure your journey is as easy as possible.
From the onboarding experience, fully featured dashboard, pricing, comprehensive documentation to the developer tools we have put much care to ensure a great experience.

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we do building it.


FayaPay is heavily inspired by Stripe and this is evident in our design choices and even our documentation structure.

We appreciate the efforts of the Stripe team and thank them for showing us the way.


We face a unique problem when it comes to payments in Africa - a proliferation of payment channels.

With so many platforms, and no concrete abstraction, our major challenge has been ensuring we can support as many current channels as well as any that are released in the future with minimal breaking changes and developer effort.


We have designed a solid abstraction over payment channels as well as an asynchronous system driven by webhooks.
We do most of the heavy lifting to ensure your integration is easy and robust.

Integration requires a bit more code, but the benefits are immense - a single integration that doesn't require you to care about the details of the payment instrument.

We've also provided plugins, SDKs, code samples and sample integrations to get you started quickly.